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Chanel Sohier is a Sicilian Australian artist interested in the poetry of representing landscape. As sound is to the spoken word of poetry, mark-making and colour are the voice of painting and drawing; through these mediums Chanel aims to capture the pulse of the natural world.

She graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Fine Arts working across painting and drawing fields. Her work has been exhibited across the east coast of Australia and has been included in editorial features in published design magazines. Her work has been selected for numerous art prizes, including the Adelaide Perry Prize, Ravenswood Art Prize and Blacktown Art Prize. Chanel’s work captures the viewers imagination with compelling mark making and a sensitive colour palette that softly prompts further investigation, fusing sensory elements that arrest the viewer when experiencing nature. Her subject matter becomes interchangeable with human emotions, intentionally forging a relationship with place, space and self.

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